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welcome back to lj for me!

well well well it's been a while since i've been here. i miss it and i know was nice to get my thoughts my thoughts for the last few weeks or was definitely AMAZING! as camp always is. i had loads of good times but i was happy to be home and to see my friends again. i missed em like WOAH. i've learned a lot over the course of the summer...that i need to relax and to take things as they not hate people but to love the unconditionally, and to let by gones be by gones...the past is for once the past. it feels great, like i'm an entirely new person and it truly is amazing. i've been pretty close to tori and amy over the past few months and it's been great, i love them to death and i couldn't ask for more out of friends. they are seriously hilarious and are always trying to help me and save me from my dumbass self. like when tori had to apprehend my phone last night...i jumped on her to get it back. my name is nicole and i have a problem lmao. it was in my best interest not to take it back...but hey i'm attached to it. what can i say? it's been a GREAT summer thus far and i hope it only continues to be that way :) i'm excited to see what head my way next!

♥ nicole.
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