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drug tests & water will be the death of me.

today i was asked to go back to target
after my initial interview on friday
needless to say God is still upset with me
yes, again my car continued to overheat.
now explain to me why it does this?
only when i'm breaking or not moving.
so i when i stop i have to put it in park
and then f'in rev up the engine. how ghetto
so i get there and the chick gives me the job
woo-hoo! right? wrong. drug f'in test.
so i had to do it today or lose the job
so i'm driving to BFE with shit directions.
thanks a lot mom. then i call daddy.
good directions. thank you jesus!
i get there. i pee in a fuckin cup.
think that's it? no no so wrong my friend.
apparently i didn't pee enough. what the fuck?
so i get to sit in the waiting room
for another freaking hour. drinking water.
massive amounts of water. 25 cups.
i now hate water. so i finally try again.
success! i leave and head to FIU for lunch
with tori, amy and jessica. takes me forever.
not to get there but to find parking.
my car is still overheating at this point.
o what fun it was. i get there and walk in.
my shoes are trying to murder me.
they will be the death of me. i swear.
i almost fall, publicly, 3 times. so fun.
after lunch i head home. in my hot ass car.
i'm literally stuck to the seat from sweat.
it was seriously so gross. i get home, shower pass out.
then i go to get my car check out, by vivis dad.
i get there and he's on his way to pick up vivi.
i go with. this is the worst part of the day.
i was=lk in the bandroom and tears well up.
the bandroom is PINK. yes PINK. the instrument shelves...
there's a wall...and a parent room...redone.
ellis' office. completely changed. i lose it and leave.
everything is different and i hate it.
i'm so glad i'm gone. i can't believe this new lady.
man do i miss feloss and ellis. who does she think she is?
she's taking over what isn't hers. soooo glad i'm out.
we get back, and vivi's dad fixes my car! wooooot!
i head to tori's for some mean girls :) awesome.
poor jason is subjected to it. we are cruel.
"YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US!" i am surround sound.
i know all the lines and say them. amy will kill me.
i can't help it, it's a camp think.
"maybe it's because i have a big lesbian crush on you
suck on that! aye aye aye aye!" lmao. loves it.
now i'm home. able to sit down...and now i'm not tired.
what the fuck? yea i'm pretty much crazy.
yea today wasn't eventful or anything....
but tomorrow's another day :)
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