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like a TNT marathon.

you know those marathons on TNT?
the one where they show the same movie.
3 nights in a row...? my life.
i swear i'm watching one of those.
mean girls 3 nights in a row.
we have problems. me, tori and amy.
we have a sad sad addiction.
and i know all the lines. so sad.
tonight alastair was subjected.
tori made us all dinner. yuuuums.
and i took alastair home. how weird.
but we didn't kill each other
and we were relatively civil.
imagine my surprise there.
well the wonderful people at best buy are...
fucking morons. i hate to say it...
well not actually....but damn.
how dumb can you seriously be?
they call me to come down for an interview.
and i'm like okie dokie...i go.
she asks me when my birthday is...
august 17. why does she care?
o we have a little problem she says.
you have to be 18 to work here.
then why was i able to apply?
they asked for my birthday. what the hell?
and why did your dumbass give me an interview?
wow. i have lost faith in humanity.
thank you best buy for that one.
so my dad wakes me up this morning.
i answer the phone completely asleep.
he tells me he has a new job opening for me.
at robert morgan. no. hell no. work there?
some lady he knows needs someone to do office work.
25 hours a week. nah, not for me.
my dad continues talking...16 an hour.
i wake up really fucking fast.
16 an hour? count me in! supppper!
man do i love life at the moment.
16 an hour. doing pretty much nothing.
this is the life. seriously the life.
oh except i'm stuck living at home for a year.
one downfall. i guess i'll survive.
so onto memorable quotes of the night...
"i know how to lock doors"-tori
"so do i"-me
"what do you mean?"-tori
5 minutes prior to this i had just locked amy out
after which she went into a fit of rage.
good job victoria, good f'in job.
"mean girls is like god, and he's like the devil"
this comment was semi-derived from 2 night ago.
due to texting, which then turned into tackling.
never take away an obsessive compulsive's cell phone,
especially mid text messaging battle. uh-uh.
well i believe that sums up the days excitement.
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