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lalala fuck emo.

sooo yesterday i vented to kayli, about david's excessive emo-ness and she's like "trust me, I know alllllll about that", because she's been putting up with his shit for two years. i went off about it like rambled for a good 20 minutes, but in the end it made me feel better to vent my anger to someone. yesterday he like leaves mid-conversation without so much as a goodbye. nicole does not = happy at this point. so he comes back like hmmm 3 fuckin hours later and is like "hey" hey?!?! bitch please. heh. well he's like "whoops sorry, i went to go visit some friends at the bowling alley" lalala fuck that shit. and i'm like eh whatevs and hes like "i'm just really tired and stressed" and i'm on AIM talking to kayli too and she's like "walk it out now walk it out now walk it out" sooo i was like "hey david you know what will make you feel better? if you walk it out now walk it out lol" and he says "no" and i said, jokingly "fine see if i care" and his fuck ass responses "you're adding to my stress" and i'm like ksdjfhvouehvfoiqegubqe3f892yt4fjkdzbvjk in my head. i was hella fuckin pissed, like kid do you think your stress out weighs everyone elses? news flash, it doesn't. i'm annoyed at this point beyond belief. like when someone tries to cheer you up, don't fuckin give them attitude, i'm sorry kid that your mommy wouldn't let you have desert and that you had a pop quiz in american history or whatever, seriously, i doubt your problems are all that bad, that you have to be a prick to everyone around you, in fact i know they aren't all that bad. so suck that shit up and stop being a douche.

on a light and amusing note:
i was watching tv and this commerical came on for like feminine wipes and the voice in the commerical says "use after intercouse" and i'm cracking up at this point because they said intercourse, i haven't heard sex referred to as intercourse since like the 3rd grade when they made us watch those informative sex videos lmao...then the commercial says "USE AFTER YOU DOUCHE" at this point i almost piss myself from hysterical laughter, there's something so funny about the word douche in a serious commerical or when its not followed by "bag" or describing a person. i can't wait to see that commerical again, good times good times.
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