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my farewell to all those i love...

My goodbyes to all those near and dear to me...
in no particular order.

It's been a long and strange 18 years...
We've known each other practically since birth
We grew apart during our early to mid teens
But were reunited a little over a year ago
Being reunited with you has been amazing,
One of those once in a lifetime opportunities.
I don't know how I would have gotten thru it all
If I didn't have you there by my side.
You've been one of the most amazing friends
And one of the people I am closest to.
I keep no secrets from you
And hide no aspect of my personality.
With you I can be who I am, completely.
We've done some of the dumbest things together
But there was never a dull moment.
We always found a way to amuse ourselves,
Whether it be with random trips to the park,
Garbage can tipping, stealing from rich lawns,
Trips to the asylum, taco bell, dennys,
Or just driving on the turnpike until we got bored.
No matter what I wouldn't take a second back.
I'm going to miss you with every fiber of my being.
Without you I wouldn't be who I am today.
Anytime I get lonely..or bored...
You'll be the first person I call..
And everytime I eat easy mac...
I'll get sad because I'm only making one bowl...
And not another for a certain fatass :)
Best friend aka fish aka vincipoo...
I'm going to miss you more than you will ever know.

Girl, you have been a fuckin hand full.
We've been through tons of ups & downs
But we've always come out stronger.
We've done things that would rip friends apart,
But remained best friends through it all.
I've watched you grow tremendously this past year
And I know you will continue to grow.
I remember that kinda rocker, kinda shy girl
From my sophomore year, who grew...
Into an 18 year old hoochie...jk jk.
I've seen you develop into a woman...
Although still a kid at heart.
I've bitched at you for four years...
And you did live up to my expectations...
Regardless of grades and all that bullshit,
You've become a responsible and intelligent person.
It's going to be very difficult to live day to day
Without my best friend of over four years...
But I know you are simply a phone call away...
Assuming your brother doesn't go into dickhead mode..
And trust me you won't ever get rid of me,
No matter how hard you try...
No matter how far away I am...
No matter how much you want to get rid of my ass...
I won't ever leave you alone...
Because you are more than a best friend...
You're the sister I never had & always wanted.

Oh boy, the boyfriend.
It's been a fun and crazy 3 months...
But regardless of all the bullshit, it's been awesome.
When I first started flirting with you I never imagined...
That it would blossom into a relationship like this.
Although from the start I knew it would end,
It doesn't make it any easier...
Because never before in my life have I been treated this way
I finally found that guy that swept me off my feet,
The guy that truly cared about me,
The guy that actually treated me right,
The guy that never cheated on me,
The guy that actually wanted to be with me.
This is why saying goodbye is so difficult.
I just keep thinking I'll never find anyone...
That will come close to you.
I fell for you, head over heels...
And getting up is going to be damned near impossible.
Thank you for everything.
Even though it has to end I will leave with something...
The knowledge of what I want from a relationship,
The knowledge that I deserve a good guy,
The knowledge that I deserve to be treated right,
And the knowledge that I shouldn't settle.
I fell for you even though I knew I shouldn't,
Even though no one wanted us together,
Even though people said we were too different...
But I couldn't help it. I've fallen & I can't get up.

Oh katie girl.
You, me & vince have been the 3 musketeers.
We've been through hell & back
But we've managed to stay close as fuuuuh.
You are always fun & always amusing...
We've shared some fun times and deep conversations
That I wouldn't trade for the world.
You are probably the only person...
That would go along with all my stupid schemes.
Stealing random shit in broad daylight,
Egging every and anyone at anytime,
And that's what makes you the person I love.
You aren't afraid to be who you are
And you aren't afraid to do what you want.
I love you to death & I'm glad I have you in my life,
Because without you it wouldn't be the same.
Although more calm and relaxed,
Not nearly as fun and memorable.
I would do anything for you and you know that,
Just like I know you would do that same for me.
Our friendship isn't anywhere near over,
And it won't ever be.
We will be the crazy 80yr-old ladies that live together.
I love you girl.
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