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target, target, best buy, dadeland.

sooo today went as follows...
i wake up at 1:20pm. awesome.
i call tori to go clothes shoppin.
for fuckin my new job at target. lmao.
pee.ess. target was out of red polos.
then i go pick up katie.
we go to sushi maki...tori's there!
with her friend, who is seriously my twin!
mmm then more shopping.
another target and then best buy.
then we decide we are due for an easter.
we get the eggs and decide who is due.
we call up mudbutt aka edrisse
we ask if he knows who we should easter.
no response. loser lmao jk.
we head over to pick his ass up.
but i need gas first....
2.89. fuck yes.
i put in money and it gives me 1.23 worth of gas.
seriously what the fuck is that shit? lol
so i have to go to another pump.
bitch trys to take my spot
that i've been waiting 5 minutes for.
fuck that shit i'll cut a hoe lmao jk
den we head out to da ghetto to get mudbutt
almost run his ass over too....whoops.
we went and eastered. ghetto style.
in ma car wit open ass doors lmao.
den edrisses black ass wants mcd's
had to pull up so close
so he could open da door n order lmao
he got out da car and ordered lol
den he couldn't see da menu
so he got his ass right close to da menu.
den back to da ghetto.
i definitely ran a stop sign. whoops.
then katie and i decided to taco bell it.
so ended an exciting day lmao...
o no...wait there is more!
my demonic ass mothafuckin dog.
he ran his ass outta da house.
now ma dog will not come when called.
if you try to go up to him he'll bit
so i gotta turn on da car and hope he comes over
nope. of course not. make my life easy? no no.
so i attempt to get him in for like 15 minutes
he eventually does. thank you jesus. (lmao)
i also resigned up on
that thing is ridin out son.
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